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About us

Tori & David

We are an ambitious couple with a passion for property!

Our property journey started in 2019, after saving hard working day and night as a Nurse and Midwife, we were able to purchase our first home, a run down bungalow in Hertfordshire.  Many months of late nights, stripping wall paper and filling skips paid off! Shortly after the refurb was complete, the value of our home increased by 24%!

It was then that we realised we not only enjoyed working with property, but could create a business with our shared interest. 

Since our first passion project, we have professionally purchased 6 more properties, have a successful portfolio within the North West of England and have paid thousands of pounds worth of interest to our investors! 

Simply put, our goal is to hunt for the best property deals on the market. We buy run down properties, give them a makeover and refinance, using the profit to move on to our next purchase. We then keep the property within our portfolio and provide safe, suitable housing for young families. 

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